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Bushra Hajj Kafella

Bushra Hajj Kafella

Our extensive expertise in this field means that we are able to offer the very best tailor-made Umrah tours and unrivalled Hajj packages. We are pleased to offer several ‘types’ of Hajj packages catering to the varying demands of the muslim community. We operate our hajj and umra service under the name of BUSHRA HAJJ KAFELA

  • To make sure that all the activities of the Holy Hajj and Umrah are performed
  • properly under the supervision of experienced and skilled scholars
  • Processing is done with all types of visas
  • All airline tickets are on sale at affordable prices
  • Tours of historical places are arranged in the Muslim world.

Our Umrah Packages

Standard Package

Package-B: (BDT 70,000)

  • 10 day (7 days Mecca, 3 days Medina)
  • Standard Hotel in Makkah (3-5 km away)
  • Standard Hotel in Medina (1-5 km away)
  • Special Tour Guide
  • Travel on any transit airlines
Deluxe Package

Package-A: (BDT 85,000)

  • 14 days (8 Days in Mecca, Medina 5 days)
  • 3-star Hotels in Mecca (300-500mi.)
  • Medina 3-Star Hotel (200-400mi.)
  • Special Tour Guide
  • Any transit travel Airlines flight
Super Deluxe Package

Special Package: (BDT 1,00,000)

  • 9 Days (8 Days in Mecca, Medina 4 days)
  • 5-Star Hotel in Makkah (5 m away)
  • 5-Star Hotel in Medina (in Marrakechia)
  • Special Tour Guide
  • Travel on any transit airlines
  • The above packages do not include food.
  • If you want to travel directly (Saudia / Airplanes), the cost of airline rentals will be added.
  • There should be at least 3 people per group, otherwise, the room should be shared with other pilgrims.
  • You must confirm the scheduled departure date and arrival date of 5 days before the flight.
  • Up to 5% of the package price should be deposited in advance while confirming package booking.
  • If you change the flight for any reason, you will have to re-confirm the ticket and pay the hotel fare.
  • Package prices may change at any time, subject to change in airfare, visa fees, and hotel fares.
  • The Authority may at any time change, modify, add and subtract the specified packages.
  • The packages mentioned in Holy Ramadan are not applicable

Our Hajj Packages

Standard Package

Package-B: (BDT 3,50,000)

Accommodation in an air-conditioned high-quality hotel within approximately 600-800 meters from Haram Sharif in Makkah or same quality hotel approximately 300-500 meters from the Nawabi mosque in Medina.

  • Three times delicious and healthy meals
  • 24 hours own guide and Moallem service
  • Sightseeing in Mecca and Madinah
Deluxe Package

Package-A: (BDT 4,00,000)

Accommodation is approximately 200 meters from Haram Sharif in Makkah. Comfortable accommodation in quality hotels. 3-star hotel accommodation in Marrakija near Nawabi at Medina Mosque.

  • Daily 3 times delicious local dishes
  • 24 hours own guide and Moallem service
  • Sightseeing in Mecca and Madinah
Super Deluxe Package

Special Package: (BDT 7,50,000)

Luxurious hotels in the holy city of Mecca or 5-star quality hotels in Medina. All the hotels in the Special Package offer a wide range of services to give you a memorable experience.

  • Daily 3 times delicious local meal
  • 24 hours expert guide and Muallem
  • Providing all kinds of services under the auspices of Mohallem
  • Visiting historical places with our guides

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